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Requisition and Acceptance of the terms and conditions

It is the customer’s responsibility to be exhaustive in the elaboration of the request of the services to negotiate, wich shall be made by electronic mail whenever possible. In case the client can not do it, the Virtual Assistant reserves the right to communicate to the client by electronic mail, the one agreed by telephone / skype.
With the first requisition, the contract for services will be sent to the client, to sign and send by e-mail.


The work request executed by the Virtual Assistant will not be subject to external scrutiny. Therefore they will be kept in full confidentiality regime. Information, owned by the customer, will never be published, disclosed or communicated directly or indirectly.

Sending Documents

The work requested by the client will be provided by e-mail. Depending on the customer’s wishes, they may be provided in an editable and / or non-editable format (pdf), or in paper format to be sent by CTT, here adding costs for printing and service of CTT.

Time Sheet and Minute Sheet

The work requested by the client will be provided by e-The Hours are recorded in sheets made in Excel, referring to the time spent in the execution of the Secretarial and Virtual Reception services respectively. The client can request the consultation of his / her Sheet of Hours at any moment. The format of the files provided to the client is PDF.

Verification of Works / Documents

Although the Virtual Assistant performs a thorough verification of errors in the works requested, it is also the responsibility of the client to verify the existence of errors and to inform the Virtual Assistant of those that need to be corrected. The Virtual Assistant is not responsible for the consequences of errors not detected by the client.

Virtual Secretarial

Virtual Secretarial projects do not include a trial period. The values to the project presented in the website are fixed. Once the project is finished, the Virtual Assistant delivers through email to the customer a proof of the executed work against the payment to be made by the client. The editable file will only be available to the customer after the respective payment has been made.

The«BUSINESS» Solution

The “BUSINESS” solution includes the use of all Virtual Reception services.

Experimental Period:

The trial period is the first three (3) business days of use of the virtual reception services; it’s free, however, it’s need to cover the cost of purchasing the number to atribute and / or cost of calls during the trial period, the customer will have Than to pay a deposit of € 25 (twenty-five euros) to be make before the trial period.
The said value will then be discounted in the acquisition of a virtual reception pack.
In the event that customer do not want to proceed with the purchase of a virtual reception solution, the customer is not entitled to any refund or payment of the difference.
The trial period begins on the business day immediately following the day on which the telephone number is assigned to the customer.
The customer is entitled to the trial period only once. After the trial period, the customer make a payment the service pack that he wishes to purchase.


Back-ups / backups of customer documents are maintained for a period of 1 (one) year. So, for example, if the last request / work of the client was made in February 20nn, the back up of your documents will be kept until February 20nn + 1, at which point the documents will be irreparably deleted.


For reasons of compatibility with projects of other clients, the Virtual Assistant does not dislocations outside of Ferreira do Zêzere or outside of Portugal.

Paper, Printing and Mail

In the price of services are not included the expenses with paper, printing and mail, and the value will be attached to the contracted value.
In the solution of unlimited services of virtual secretarial  a monthly amount of security will be charged to cover unforeseen expenses.
If this monthly amount was not spent in full, the remainder goes to the next month of contract.
All expenses with paper, printing and mail will be recorded in a document, where the receipts of expenses are attached.

Printing Paper (A4)

The amount to be charged for each page printed in A4 format is 0.12 € (twelve cents) and mail charges will be charged by the CTT Services.

Access to Virtual Assistant installations

Are not allowed, work meetings nor are visits to the Virtual Assistant installations.