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Is Remote Work at Home-Office Possible in Portugal?

The evolution of the job market is changing, it is becoming easier to work remotely and online.

It is possible to work for any company in the World, being in any country and anywhere.

Often our own home office better known as Home-Office is our ideal location.

Home-Office that I will base on this article, today I work in my Home-Office as Virtual Assistant.

Where I feel very well and without difficulty thanks to Technology, to my Focus and Determination.

Working from home begins to be a reality in Portugal, but this reality is stronger in other countries, such as Brazil, USA.

The main advantages of Home-Office are quality of life, autonomy of time, being able to reconcile work with family life.

By being Freelancer your work does not only depend on one company, but rather has the opportunity to work for various companies and / or entrepreneurs.

When deciding to work remotely from your Home-Office, you need to be aware of whether you have an appropriate profile.

It is necessary to be able to work alone, to be autonomous, and to be able to multitask.

Despite being a work at home, you have to organize your time, have discipline, not to be carried away by distractions.

It is very important that your Home-Office be an independent division and fit for your work.

So in your productivity time you can “close the door and forget about distractions, establish a routine.

Be a remote worker does not mean it deserves less attention or effort.

It is necessary to maintain a ritual to differentiate the domestic activities from the business, for example not to start working in pajamas or training apparel, but to prepare oneself as it would be to work in an office of a company abroad.



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